The perfect tutor at your door


Profadomicilio is a private tutoring app that lets students find their nearest and best tutor.

The profadomicilio team was looking for a fresh identity in the simplest yet effective way to communicate their value proposition. The perfect tutor at your door.

Launch site
Profadomicilio Logo: A pencil plus a location icon
Profadomicilio Letterhead
Profadomicilio Notebook

Through a brainstorming and a mind map process, two key elements were taken that the target market could easily identify to represent two ideas mixed in one concept, "teachers" and "at your door". The pencil and the location icon.

The client also needed some help developing the interface for his Minimum Viable Product, so the team came up with the idea of building a landing page in charge of explaining what the idea was about and collecting the first leads, keeping the price low, but the effectiveness high.

Profadomicilio Business Cards
Profadomicilio Stationary including a notebook, an envelope and a letterhead
Profadomicilio Landing Page

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