Developing a biotech identity


The International Genetically Engineered Machine, also known as iGEM, is a worldwide synthetic biology competition held each year at Boston, MA.

During the summer, each team works to develop a project focused on solving environmental, health, nutritional and technological problems that directly affect their community through synthetic biology.

The undergraduate team from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, needed a strong identity that could convey the importance of biotechnology inside the university, as well as highlight the image of the institution among the other worldwide teams.

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Bighorn sheep plus DNA strand equals to iGEM Tec CEM logo.
Business Cards for Campaign: Don't hurt yourself. Don't self medicate.
Smiling Team Member

Since one of the main objetives was to highlight the image of the university, the most significant part of the mascot was used, the bighorn sheep, mixed with one of the most representative symbols of synthetic biology, a DNA strand.

The main objetive of the project was to persuade people not to self-medicate, while developing a novel antibacterial formulation for the multiresistant Acinetobacter Baumanii in a product named Fractos.

iGEM Tec CEM 2016 V-Neck T-Shirts
Banner for Fractos: A Novel Antibacterial Formulation
Fractos logo

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