Social innovation in the makeup industry

Corazón de Coco

Corazón de Coco is an organic, cruelty-free multipurpose balm that can be customized according to the different skin tone and style of the woman, moisturizing and nourishing the skin by its main 100% natural ingredient, coconut oil and its secondary ingredients from small farmers near Mexico City.

The main objective of this project was to communicate the economic, ecological and social values of the brand. As well as presenting a concept of what the balm would look like once it was developed.

Launch site
Corazón de Coco logo over leaves
MacBook Pro showing Corazón de Coco landing page
Corazón de Coco makeup balm with two compartments, one for coconut oil, the other for pigment

The team found that the initial concept did not adequately communicate the benefits of the product or the way it was supposed to be used. The team had to quickly react to the data, listen to what the users were looking for and through a study of attractiveness, the final image was chosen.

The client also needed some help developing the interface for her e-commerce, so the team decided to develop a responsive layout for a landing page in charge of collecting the first leads and testing the online customization process.

iPhone X showing e-commerce Corazón de Coco lading page
Corazón de Coco logo over leaves (blue background)
Corazón de Coco Functionality: Twist, Replace, Mix

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